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Ace of spades carts, is the introduction to luxury cannabis.

High Potency;  THC 96%

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Ace of spades carts, is the introduction to luxury cannabis.

It all starts with the flower: the strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the taste, the smell, the benefits.
Our sole purpose is to produce world-class cannabis products.

Ace of Spades represents a lifestyle of excellence, quality, luxury, and taste. We better explain this lifestyle through our cannabis: living the best life possible and always striving to evolve.

We are still striving to create the best quality and most diverse cannabis products possible. Our exclusive genetics and high standards, as well as all of the people who share our vision, allow us to produce some of the world’s most refined oils.

The most potent CO2 on the market is Ace of Spade Cannabis oil. It’s always crystal clear and never diluted with anything else.

We use no solvents or additives to make it even better for you!

The introduction to luxury vapes

Our commitment is to providing uncompromising cannabis products to those in desperate need. Our success started when a small group of committed experts became dissatisfied with the industry’s lack of honesty, transparency, and experience, dominated by people who saw this as yet another exciting new trend or hobby.

Instead, we set out to elevate the industry through innovative engineering, technological exploration, and manufacturing perfection, enlisting the help of a talented group of scientists and engineers.

Countless hours of research have led us to create a flavor profile exceeding all standards set before;

We are proud to provide high-quality cannabis oil goods.  We are redefining cannabis through innovation, unity, and culture but, above all, facilitating a lifestyle of excellence, quality, luxury, buy thc vape juice and taste.

Ace of spades flavors

This are the exotic ultra premium flavors, they include;

Orange Express | Durban Poison | Jack Herer | Granddaddy Purple | Pina colada OG | Blueberry | Godfather OG


BlueBerry, Durban Poison, Godfather OG, Granddaddy Purple, Jack Herer, Orange Express, Pina Colada OG


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