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Gelato Strain is a hybrid strain that leans slightly towards Indica. Sometimes referred to as Larry Bird for its #33 phenotype, it’s a potent strain with high levels of THC that creeps up slowly. Gelato Strain is the result of crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies providing uplifting energy and a little psychedelic effect. Its relaxation capability coupled with its focusing characteristics provides a motivational influence and a desire to have a conversation. Gelato strain has a powerful reaction that is long-lasting. Its effects are well-balanced, providing a sense of comfort without wanting to lie down and do nothing.

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Gelato Weed

Gelato Weed, aka Larry Bird, is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sunset Sherbet. And Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato weed gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma it smells like. The Gelato weed is a woody and smooth strain. That incorporates flowery lavender and earthy notes which gradually transform into citrus. And berries on exhale. It is a great strain to boost your mood and spirits. While also helping to instill creative energy with intense focus. Making a great choice as a medicinal bud.

Medical Benefits of Gelato Marijuana

Beneficial on both a physical and mental level, the Gelato cannabis strain has many medical benefits that are capable of assisting individuals from all walks of life. On a physical level, the strain’s body-relaxing effects have been said to help with muscle spasms, inflammation, cramping, headaches/migraines, and chronic pain. If consumed late in the evening when your body is naturally inclined to go to sleep, it is capable of assisting with insomnia or other sleep issues.

Because the Gelato strain is already quite strong in terms of THC content, you may not have to search for an alternative method of consumption to receive the care you need. If you prefer to stay away from smoke and intake a gummy or candy (or something else) instead, it might be challenging to find Gelato edibles – but they do exist. Luckily, if you are comfortable with smoking marijuana, this option is (obviously) available, and carries plenty of potencies.

In terms of mental effects, depression, anxiety, and stress are the three conditions that Gelato seems to have the greatest effect upon, and this strain brings about a lot of relief from those who have difficulties managing these often debilitating occurrences.

Since Gelato weed is so potent, only a few hits should do the trick – and actually, over-consumption of THC can cause an increase in paranoia or unwanted anxiety among those who are diagnosed with mood disorders, or conditions pertaining to the mind. For this reason, it is best to start out slow and build from there once you feel more comfortable.

Possible Side Effects of Gelato Weed

With no reported out-of-the-ordinary negative side effects (at least that we’re aware of), Gelato marijuana is quite a dream for those who would like to stay away from anything adverse in terms of things that can arise with “faulty” cannabis.

The initial impact of Gelato marijuana comes on quite quickly and with abrupt intensity, so sometimes consumers can experience a moment of dizziness.

On especially rare occasions, mild anxiousness may be felt about 30 minutes to an hour after the initial hit is smoked.

Also, slightly dry mouth (cottonmouth) and dry eyes are also possible with the Gelato marijuana strain, but these two adverse effects are easily manageable with a little extra preparation and planning. By consuming plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after your high, you can not only diminish the dry mouth, you can also prevent any headaches or grogginess the next morning – in addition to keeping your body healthy and hydrated (which is beneficial no matter what).

All things considered, be sure to keep a bottle of water close by at all times, in case you feel lethargic and don’t want to get up (the sight of the bottle in close proximity can also serve as a kind reminder to drink periodically).

Overall, those who are considering consuming the Gelato strain should not be concerned about possible negative side effects, as they appear to be fairly mild combined with most other high-THC strains.

Wondering Where to Buy Gelato Marijuana in the USA?

Although Gelato is not the easiest strain to come across here in the USA. it is possible to buy this marijuana type in some of the better-stocked. More well-known cannabis dispensaries (typically recreational shops as opposed to medical). As is generally the case. Your easiest option is probably just to check out the current menu of your local dispensary. As long as you live in one of the legal states out of the 50. Even if Gelato is not a household name in the majority of pot shops. It can be discovered all over the USA – especially in top dispensaries.

Gelato Marijuana: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance.

With an especially prominent and pungent aroma. It is easy to recognize that there is cannabis in the vicinity when Gelato is near. For this reason. Carrying these buds around is not the most discrete of experiences. Which might be a deal-breaker for some. If you don’t mind the sweet stench. Though, trust us. It will be worth it. Aside from being pungent. This marijuana strain has a sweet and fragrant fruity smell. With hints of blueberry and orange. Flavor-wise, the taste of Gelato (the strain, not the ice cream) is quite universally-suited. Meaning that various types of marijuana consumers will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this dank bud.

Its sugar leaves are purple and green. with hints of fiery red and orange that morph into the brassy pistils. Those tiny curling leaves that twist and moves amongst the frosty sugar leaves. Although Gelato has a high THC content. Its sugar leaves are not immensely frosty. But it does certainly present a bit of crystalline glimmer.


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