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Pound Of Weed For Sale

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How big is a pound of weed?

A pound of weed can fit into a large zip lock bag. Above is a picture of two pounds of weed. Each pound is in a zip lock bag. Having a pound of weed is illegal in most U.S States. Now more than ever, people are asking, “how much is a pound of weed?” But why, and what does the answer mean to you?

How much does a pound of weed cost?

In the U.S States where weed is legal a pound of weed can cost $1,500 – $2,000. This also depends on where you are and the local supply. In the U.S States where weed is illegal the cost for a pound of weed can be as high as $4,000.

How many grams in a pound of cannabis?

There are 453.6 grams in a pound and 28 grams

What is a pound of weed?

It’s unlikely that you’ll use a pound of marijuana at a time (unless you’re sharing with a lot of your 420 friends). Even then, it’s not an amount you can walk in and buy at a dispensary or even legally possess in most cases.

Still, it’s a good idea to understand what 1lb of weed actually means before getting into the finer details about its cost.

If you’ve ever bought some bud, you’ve probably come across terms like halves, quarters, eighths, dubs, zips, and dime bags. These weed measurements rely on both the imperial and metric systems, mostly because the latter has smaller, more precise units. 

One pound of weed is the biggest measurement, often used as a baseline by cannabis exchanges and large-scale buyers or sellers. Its price also dictates the cost of smaller amounts, all the way down to the gram.

So, let’s work it out: 1 pound of weed equals 16 ounces or 453.592 grams. That’s precisely 28.3495 grams per ounce. 

However, dispensaries and dealers alike typically round it down to 28 grams per ounce for easier calculations, where:

  • Half an ounce is 14 grams.
  • A quarter ounce is 7 grams.
  • An eighth of an ounce is 3.5 grams.

How much is a half-pound of weed, then? In this case, it’s 8 ounces or 224 grams rounded off, meaning a quarter-pound is 4 ounces or 112 grams rounded off.

Without that 0.3495 grams per ounce, one pound of marijuana then equals 448 grams.

While it won’t make much of a difference to the small-time weed buyer, it still adds up for more significant purchases. 

If you’re adamant about getting your full money’s worth, ask your budtender to weigh up your weed in front of you. A digital scale also helps for an accurate pound of weed measurements.

What factors affect the pound of weed price?

To understand how much a pound of weed is worth, we have to look at the contributing factorsCannabis prices, much like other commodities, are determined by wide-ranging variables from seed to shelf, such as:

Bud quality

The price of a pound of weed, and indeed everything else, is largely dependent on quality. That’s why outdoor grows, at the mercy of the elements, are usually cheaper than buds cultivated from sophisticated and controlled hydroponic setups. 

While there’s no precise grading system, cannabis quality typically depends on THC or CBD content, plant health, and of course, genetics. 

primo, trichome-covered pound of weed with an established lineage costs more than some dry, Reggie dank your friend’s cousin’s uncle grew in the backyard.


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